Welcome to the Village of Alexander

The Village of Alexander was incorporated on April 24, 1834 by an act of the New York State Legislature. The act stated that elections would be held the first Monday in April, in each and every year after. The voters were to elect three discreet freeholders to be trustees, one of them to be designated president, three assessors, one constable, collector, and one treasurer, all of whom shall be residents of said Village.

Amendments over the years have eliminated the three assessors. The Village now utilizes the Town of Alexander assessors. The president has evolved to Mayor and the treasurer to clerk treasurer. Clerk Treasurer has been amended to an appointed position.


Any village resident interested in serving as a planning board member, please contact any board member or the village clerk.

We have (1) position expiring this year. (5 year term)

Contact: Danielle riggs - village clerk @ 585-708-4167